Family Therapy


In general, Family therapists (MFT’s) are equipped to treat a full range of issues. These may include addictions, eating disorders, depression, anxiety and any other struggle that family members regardless of age, may be facing.

Specifically, as an MFT myself, I believe that parents/caregivers and even extended family play a very important role in the life of a loved one. As such, my goal in family therapy is to empower parents and families in supporting their loved ones with any emotional, behavioural or relational challenges they may be facing.

In particular, using a set of Emotion Focused Skills (NET), I guide and empower parents and other family members/caregivers to be the primary agents in supporting their loved ones through their everyday struggles.

For further details, please see EFST Workshops.

Please contact me to help your family interact in ways that can foster safety and security among all family members.