Family Therapy

The emphasis of family therapy is on nurturance and connection between family members in order to create and maintain secure bonds.

Family therapy helps to identify the ways in which relationships and other individual problems within the family are caused and maintainedChildandFamilyTherapy by the family dynamics.  Family therapy focuses on relationships within the family unit and takes place with other family members present.

While this is usually the case, individuals within the family may be at times seen separately in order to gain a better understanding of the issues at hand.

I will help the family:

  • identify and modify distressing cycles of interaction that create and maintain attachment insecurities among family members
  • assist in fostering positive cycles of accessibility and responsiveness  between all family members
  • promote the family unit as a secure base for children and teens to grow and leave from

Please contact me to help your family interact in ways that can foster safety and security among all family members.